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Performance clothing with responsibility. From city to summit.

AEANCE offers a system of versatile functional apparel, built on the idea that less is better. Simplicity in design paired with technical performance and a strict focus on sustainability.

Style-conscious clothing for sports, travel and daily life. Garments that support your comfort and self-assurance in the magical moments in nature as much as in an everyday reality of our times. 

We founded AEANCE inspired by our own need as endurance athletes and outdoor lovers. Multifunctional clothing that is built on simplicity and highest quality, while featuring advanced technical performance at the same time. Our offering suggests the idea that you can live and travel with a lightweight, condensed wardrobe, always ready for every activity, without restricting yourself by conventional clothing categories. 

We believe that a deep connection with nature enables us to create a positive future. We are committed to create garments with the least possible impact on the environment and have set up a supply chain focusing on sustainability and responsibility. Our garments are manufactured in Portugal, Europe with latest manufacturing technology and highest quality performance materials. Our fabrics and materials comply with strictest eco-standards such as bluesign®, OEKO-TEX®, GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and ZQ Merino.

Our collections are non-seasonal, because we do not believe in a fast-paced cycle of consumerism. The textile industry is still one of the world's largest polluters, despite climate change and loss of biodiversity progressing in shocking speed. We believe in owning less but better things, that are made in a way that reduces harm to us and our planet. 

Nadine and Arendt


The New York Times Stye Magazine:
"Minimal Sportswear You’ll Want To Wear All Day. With the activewear market inundated with overly designed pieces, Aeance — a quiet, minimalist sportswear brand founded in Germany — feels refreshingly distinct."

Vogue International:
"Doing more with less, essentially. In a landscape of fast fashion and logomania, Aeance stands apart. The minimalist brand is the embodiment of both style and substance; clothing designed to meet the demands—and values—of modern life.“

Wallpaper* Magazine:
"Chic, reductivist, radical apparel. A buzzy, minimalist tech apparel brand that meets the demands – and politics – of modern life. This is activewear free from logos and seasonal hype; eco-sustainability and ethical responsibility are high on the agenda."